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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 5, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: breaking overnight. a scare in connection with the california shooting rampage. the package that triggered an evacuation. frank: and the man accused of planting a hoax device in boston is behind bars. the tips that helped detectives track him down. danielle: and a frosty start to your saturday. when you'll be able to ditch that jacket. the warm-up i'm tracking right now. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: and a good morning to you. so glad you're with us. 5:00 on this saturday, december 5. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. going to toss things over to danielle vollmar with a look at her saturday morning forecast. a pretty chilly start though.
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temperatures are starting in the 0's and even 20's in spots but don't worry. once we get some sunshine, we're going to warm things up as we go through the day. starting out your morning though. 24 degrees right now in orange. it is currently 28 in keene so it's chilly there. 30 in worcester. and actually 40 degrees right now in boston. it's a little bit warmer there. as we go through the day, we are going to warm temperatures up. there is a little bit of a wind out of the west. it still makes it feel even colder outside. that's the wind chill values, what you dress for. it feels more like 37 in boston. like 22 degrees in worcester. and like 24 degrees in orange. so over the next 12 hours, lots of sunshine as you can see. by lunchtime we're warming up into the upper 40's. through the afternoon, the low to even mid 50's in some spots. so these are your high temperatures. we are going to see a major warm-up for tomorrow. we'll talk about who could see 60 degrees and then the next chance for some significant rain. antoinette and frank.
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breaking overnight. a u.p.s. facility in southern california is evacuated after a driver noticed a package sent to the suspect in the california shooting rampage. the package, addressed to the home of syed farook. the bomb squad was called in and determined the package was safe and sent from a, quote, "reputable vendor." right now the f.b.i. is investigating that deadly shooting as an act of terrorism. a news service affiliated with isis is calling the killers, quote, "supporters" of their cause. the f.b.i. admitting the couple flew under the radar. frank: the eyeopener's mary saladna is following the developments. mary: we're seeing for the first time the face of tashfeen malik, the young mother who became a killer. ever since the surprising discovery of the body of a female shooter in the bullet-riddled get-away car, authorities have been unraveling the mystery of how and why a 29-year-old mother of a baby daughter turned into a cold-blooded terrorist. a woman, who within moments of
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husband's holiday office party, went on facebook to pledge her allegiance to the leader of isis. her husband's family says they are stunned. >> it's harder for us to understand especially knowing that he was our brother and he was so happy with her. how could he leave his only child and how could the mother do this? mary: malik was born in pakistan but moved to saudi arabia with her parents when she was four. she returned to pakistan to attend college. her marriage to syed farook last year came after she met him on a matrimonial website. malik gave an address in this pakistani town when she applied for her american finance visa in 2014-- an address, abc news has discovered, does not exist. and now officials are questioning whether she was the one who radicalized her husband. yet the f.b.i. confirming the couple was not on any terrorist watch list. expert lanny marcus says it's a case of home-grown terrorists flying beneath the radar made harder to catch because the plotters were husband and wife. lanny marcus: if they're able to talk with one another in the
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suspicious, they're not detected before they do an attack. mary: syed farook's family says they never saw this attack coming. they describe malik as a quiet, devout muslim housewife. farook's brothers say they never even saw her face because she always wore a burqua. couple's apartment, where they lived with their six-month-old daughter. the owner prying open doors to let reporters in after the f.b.i. tore through the place. several crews were allowed inside but abc's matt gutman, one of the first inside. reporter: holes have been punched through the doors. we can see a door that's been ripped in half next to this bathroom. a tremendous mess here. frank: the only evidence of a double life inventory lists of items removed. an s.d. card and dozens of boxes of ammunition. investigators also removing 12 pipe bombs. a u.p.s. driver in the neighborhood says in the past
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to the home. antoinette: "the new york times," in a historic move, uses its front page to call for greater gun regulation in the wake of recent mass shootings. today's piece is the first page-1 editorial for "the times" since 1920. the publisher says he wants to deliver a strong and visible statement about gun control. the editorial suggests drastically reducing the number of firearms and eliminating some categories of weapons. frank: new trouble for aaron hernandez. "5 investigates" learning that he's now in a segregated prison unit after guards say they found a shank inside his prison cell in shirley. that's a knife, for those of you who don't know. the former patriots' tight end is serving a life sentence for murdering odin lloyd in 2013. he also faces trial for a double murder in boston in 2012. it's unclear how long he will be in segregation. right now the man accused of planting a hoax device in boston is behind bars. investigators using a
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down. and he's well-known to police. our john atwater has the story from boston. john: were you trying to scare people? no explanation from james derepentigny as police lead him away. this surveillance camera image prompted a tip that led police to derepentigny walking the streets of lawrence. officer harold rogers: he walked across the street right in front of me. the suspect fitting the description to a t. i took him in custody at gunpoint. john: earlier in the day 30 miles south in boston, the bag police say he dropped next to a homeland security s.u.v. shut down part of the city. (loud noise) police safely detonated the bag, and video allegedly showed him placing it and walking away causing concern on atlantic avenue and worry for the officer who ultimately took him down. officer: when i heard "bomb," i didn't know if he would have any additional weapons him or possibly an i.e.d. on himself. john: turns out he wasn't armed, and that bag didn't have a bomb. but the police commissioner said
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department's response. >> commissioner: given what's going on, unfortunately around the country, better safe than sorry. john: that man was brought from lawrence to boston. he is being charged with planting a hoax device. in boston, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: the man shot and killed outside a boston bar on thanksgiving morning will be laid to rest today. funeral services will be held for jepthe chery. the 29-year-old mbta conductor was struck and killed during a shootout between two other people outside the bar "who's on first." one of those suspects has been arrested but has not been charged in chery's death. police have not yet named the second suspect. right now northeastern university is asking for help to find a missing student. the family of 21-year-old dennis njorage, of worcester, last heard from him on november 29. the school says the student's i.d. last registered in the
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custody accused in two bank robberies. stoneham police arrested this man, john truglia, yesterday after using bank surveillance to identify him. he's accused of robbing a bank in stoneham last month and another in quincy nearly two weeks later. truglia is expected in court on monday. antoinette: appeal denied for parishioners of a shuttered scituate church. the state's highest court denied a request to review a ruling that determined a group of roman catholic parishioners were trespassing. the archdiocese closed st. frances cabrini 11 years ago, and parishioners stayed ever since. they say they will look at other legal options. only on 5. boston's police commissioner with a message for the local muslim community. efforts to stop potential backlash around boston and a close call for passengers on a plane in india. the runway encounter as the plane was attempting to land. danielle: a cold morning but we will see a weekend warm-up.
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frank: 5:12. welcome back. boston's police commissioner among those delivering a message of support to hundreds in the muslim community following recent terrorist attacks. antoinette: "5 investigates" karen anderson was the only t.v. reporter invited inside the service at the mosque in roxbury. commissioner: we're very much aware of the possible backlash against the islamic community. i just want to let you know that we won't tolerate that obviously, and we'll work as closely with you to make sure that that doesn't happen. karen: applause again and again for boston police commissioner william evans for more than 1,000 muslims at their friday prayer service. with the promise, a request. commissioner: we'll be there for you, but you also have to be there for us.
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make sure this city is safe, our country is safe, and we all work together so nobody out there is getting hurt. karen: the commissioner spoke at an interfaith service organized to reassure the muslim community feeling pressure following the california shooting and paris attacks. other faiths also sending a unified message. >> we all stick together with you. you are our brothers and sisters. >> i hurt. my heart hurts and i'm disgusted viscerally when i see expressions of islam-phobia or racism. >> we have a responsibility now to be there when they're feeling alone. karen: the director of the roxbury mosque encouraging the community to stand against violence. he says that's not what islam is about. those who attack others are criminals, not part of their religion. >> the mosque is about sticking together and standing together. we know that violence has no
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we have to work together to bring about a more peaceful, loving, and healthy community. karen: boston also stands out from other parts of the country according to the muslim leaders. for every one recent hate message, the mosque has received about 30 messages of support. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: brrrrr. it's 33 degrees outside right now but i feel like it's a sign of good things to come because no clouds, right. danielle: it's clear. it will be sunny today. and that means that the temperatures will eventually warm up especially with the westerly wind. we're going in the 50's today. near 60 tomorrow. so, yes, it is a good sign of things to come if you like the warmer weather. definitely not feeling like december out there, folks. our average high temperature this time of year should be around 45 degrees. today we're warming up into the
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tomorrow upper 50's, maybe 60 in spots. lower 50's on monday. and then we finally drop back to where we should be on tuesday as another system comes up the pipeline. as far as december goes though, we're still running well above normal. you see a lot of red on the map. i expect a couple more days of that before we turn colder. so here are the headlines for today. saturday. out there. but we are going to be warming up as we head over the weekend. we are watching an ocean storm potentially for tuesday. could have implications especially it looks like the south coast, the cape and the islands right now but as that tracks a little closer, more of us could get involved. we'll talk about that in just a cond. first let's talk about what's happening this morning. if you're stepping outside the door grab a winter coat because it's in the 20's in keene, in orange, in springfield. 40 though in boston. so actually milder right there in the city. upper 30's on the cape. low 40's on nantucket.
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40's, low 50's for highs. lots of sunshine. you can definitely get outside and do whatever you need to do. it's a nice day on tap. as you look at satellite and radar, really not much is going on. that's going to be the case at least for the next couple of days. you can thank high pressure for keeping us dry. now we are watching a system, a frontal boundary and a cold front out to the north and west. eventually this area of low pressure could develop the other one that gives us the chance for rain on tuesday. before today, for tomorrow, it is mild. it is dry. on the backside of high pressure, those winds are going to turn out of the south and west tomorrow. so that's why even though today is mild, tomorrow is actually milder. so for tonight, temperatures still going to drop intak into the 20's and 30's. it's going to be a chilly one because of clear skies. it doesn't trap that heat in. the heat escapes into the upper atmosphere. for tomorrow with a lot of
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mid 50's and maybe a few upper 50's near even 60 degrees. then that chance for rain goes up on tuesday. it's all due to that system i was talking about. let's talk about the next seven days. since we're warm or mild not only saturday or sunday answer into monday but i do want to talk about tuesday because tuesday i have showers to the south. it's all due to this area of low pressure that is developing off the mid atlantic coast. what happens is it could graze our coastline, at least that's what the latest models are saying. we're going to have to watch this track very carefully. as it gets closer, more of us will get involved. anyway we look at it right now it looks like the south coast, the cape only getting about a tenth to two tenths of an inch of rain but again it gets closer e. we could expect more rain from that. remember, we'll welcome any rain we can because we're down over nine inches for the year. behind that system we drop back into the 40's and eventually warm back up into the 50's by the end of the week. frank and antoinette. antoinette: all i see is 60. thank you, danielle.
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a check of the stories we're following right now. frank: a close call for a plane carrying 53 people struck a herd of wild boar after landing on a runway in india. seven boars were killed. nobody on board was seriously hurt. you can see passengers evacuating the tipped jet. damage to the plane is being assessed. antoinette: the melrose-native, killed in an attack at a planned parenthood in colorado, is laid to rest. hundreds packed a colorado springs church yesterday to say goodbye to officer garrett swasey. he was gunned down responding to a call last friday. the governor praised the campus police officer for sacrificing his life for others in the shooting and told swasey's two children that colorado is a much better place because of their father. frank: a humpback whale that had been trapped in cape cod bay is now free. crews from the center for coastal studies in provincetown disentangled the endangered whale yesterday. the whale then swam out of the bay.
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okay. antoinette: this is something you can't make up. a man named bud weisser was arrested at the budweiser brewery. the 19-year-old was cited for trespassing and resisting arrest. police were called to the st. louis brewery after security officers told weisser to leave a restricted area and he refused. it's unclear how weisser got inside in the first place. frank: a heck of a show between the bruins and the flames. but the flames come out on top. the clubs traded goals throughout the first and second period. 3-3 in the third when brad marchand gets slashed by former bruin dougie hamilton. marchand scores on a penalty but the flames tie it up before the end, and we go to o.t. the flames find the back of the net. 5-4 the final. the b's' are in vancouver to take on the canucks tonight. antoinette: meet the newest
5:20 am
the team introduced david price yesterday at fenway park. looks good with that hat on. million contract with the team earlier this week. the 30-year-old left-hander said he is looking forward to all his new city has to offer. price will wear number 24. we're hoping it is lucky for that left arm. antoinette: a high school choir is delivering some holiday cheer. the unique way the group is performing this season-- why their show may be tough to top. facebook's lead. the new policy for new parents that may be catching on. antoinette: it is dark and early over the city of boston this 5:20.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. this morning we're waking up to different temperatures depending on where you live. boston right now checking in at 40 degrees with clear skies. 30 in worcester. but look at nashua checking in this morning at 27 degrees. if you're headed out first thing, grab a coat. but by afternoon, we're going to warm up into the low 50's. it's sunny. it's warm. and sunday it's milder with temperatures in the upper 50's in most locations. now the pats are taking on the philadelphia eagles at 4:25 on sunday.
5:24 am
50 degrees. remember that sunset before kick-off. as we head through the night, the temperatures will fall. go pats. the next seven days look like this. temperatures moderate over the weekend. we're still in the 50's on monday. remember we should be around 47 degrees this time of year. we'll pull back into the 40's tuesday and wednesday with a chance for some showers on tuesday, thursday and even into friday. antoinette and fraj. antoinette: looks good. a high school choir in minnesota is putting on quite the show this holiday season. frank: it's called "america's tallest singing christmas tree"and here's why-- the choir puts on the show while standing in a tree that measures 67 feet tall. obviously the people on top don't get vertigo or anything like that. that's pretty high up. that's a couple stories high. antoinette: are the best singers
5:25 am
frank: i think sopranos up top, altos in the middle. basses at the bottom. antoinette: look at you knowing your music. boston mayor marty walsh says he won't back down in his fight against a casino in revere. frank: his response to a legal loss for the city. a high school freshman is accused of posting violent threats on facebook. how the unsettling case played out. antoinette: and a live look outside this morning. it is 33 degrees. still dark out there. the sunrise not at least another hour. it's 5:25. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: "just another day in america." that is how the bbc opened their coverage of the san bernadino mass shooting. that may sound callously flippant, but it's also true. as the global leader in a disturbing category, the number of mass shootings in america exceeds calendar days this year. the world was galvanized in
5:26 am
paris. yet, more than twice that number are shot every 48 hours in america. the simple phrase, "enough is enough," seems as well-worn as the expressions of sympathy and prayers for the many victims. if virtually any other product was killing 30,000 americans a year, there would be a call to action, congressional hearings, and legislation designed to reduce that staggering total. there is no other civilized nation with the same epidemic. to be clear-- we are not advocates for confiscating guns, which is a red herring used to stymie common-sense reforms. the truth is, this is no longer just a political, cultural, or second amendment issue. this is a major public safety problem. congress can enact simple safeguards, designed to take no one's freedoms away, but will almost certainly save innocent lives. enacting mandatory background checks, a 48-hour waiting period, and closing the gun show loophole are just a few of the many measures which, at long last, need a sense of urgency to pass.
5:27 am
justify the current loophole allowing those residing on our own terror watch list to legally purchase a gun. buying sudafed is more difficult than acquiring an assault rifle at a gun show. these few recommendations, among many that should be considered, are not safeguards pushed by gun haters. universal background checks are supported by nearly 90% of americans, and 75% of the n.r.a..'s own membership. will these safeguards stop all mass killings? no. but if they save one life-- and it was your loved one-- it's
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. r it is the struggle that will determine t the fate of the united states in leading a global coalition r to take out isis with overwhelming force. ttheir aim is our total destruction. p we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a frosty start to your saturday. when the temperatures will feel more like october than december. antoinette: convicted football star aaron hernandez moved to a segregated prison unit. what guards claim they found in his cell. frank: a high school freshman accused of making threats against his school. the disturbing allegations and how investigators tracked him down. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's 5:30 on this saturday morning. hope your day is getting off to a great start. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with danielle vollmar. it is chilly out there right now, but we are looking at a warm-up. did i hear maybe 60 tomorrow? danielle: you may have heard correctly there.
5:31 am
it will feel really nice. it's december warmth for sure. it will last throughout the entire weekend and into the beginning of next week, believe it or not. 40 degrees right now in boston. so milder there. 43 on nantucket. take a look back to the north and west. you're seeing the 20's in keene, in springfield, in concord. so it's a cool start to your day in a lot of spots. so if you're headed out first thing, i would grab a coat. a lot of sunshine though through the day will warm temperatures up. look at this. by 11:00 we're in the upper 40's in boston. through the afternoon, the low 50's. those winds are out of the west at about 5-10. high temperatures upper 40's, low 50's. lots of sunshine out there. and we have dry conditions as high pressure really dominates our weather. as you look up and down really the east coast, no real clouds. it's sunny pretty much everywhere. there's a cold front out to the north and west. we're watching this developing area of low pressure.
5:32 am
its way across the maps. as it does, it could give us some much-needed rain. the other thing i want to point out is it's 39 in minneapolis. 40 in sioux city. that warmer air is headed in our drerks. we'll talk about how warm we'll get as well as when we'll get much-needed rain. antoinette: thank you, danielle. breaking overnight. a package that forced an evacuation as a u.p.s. facility in southern california has been deemed safe. the package was addressed to the home of the suspects in the california shooting rampage. the bomb squad determined the package was okay. frank: right now convicted murderer aaron hernandez is being held in segregation. "5 investigates" learning that he's been separated from other inmates after guards say they found a shank inside his prison cell in shirley. that's a knife. the former patriots tight end is serving a life sentence for murdering odin lloyd in 2013. antoinette: the man accused of planting a hoax device in boston is now behind bars. police say surveillance images
5:33 am
derepentigny in lawrence. he's accused of dropping a bag next to a homeland security s.u.v. and walking away. there was no threat, but it prompted the area to be shut down. frank: boston police continue to investigate a serious accident involving a pedestrian on summer street. it happened around 7:30 last night down the street from the convention center. police say the driver of the of the car did stop. no word on any charges. antoinette: in brocktona high school freshman is accused of facebook. and police say he did it by hacking another student's account. our sera congi shows us how the unsettling case played out. sera: the facebook post read, "me and my cousins are planning to plant three bombs and shoot up the school." the threat made tuesday by a 15-year-old brockton high school student who hacked another student's facebook page. david ricard: it's crazy. it's unbelievable what's going on. with everything that's going on around the world and all tt. sera: the post was quickly taken
5:34 am
screen shot. it wasn't until thursday when a parent and student reported the threat to school officials. brockton police traced the post's i.p. address to a cell phone and found the alleged hacker. david ricard: they acted very quickly. sera: the superintendent released a statement saying, "we informed parents as soon as we had a handle on the situation and added extra police presence and more administrators at the school even though our training indicated it was not a credible threat." this is the reality of what we deal with in the world today." sera: this is the fifth threat made against the high school in last eight months. in brockton, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: cambridge students dealing with increased security at school after another anonymous threat. officers patrolled buildings and restricted some access, after the threat of gun violence. school officials refused to reveal the specific threats but say safety is the top concern. >> if people do not feel safe, whether they are children or
5:35 am
safety is the bottom live. so we take everything very seriously, and we assume that something is a a credible threat antoinette: the threats started right after the terror attacks this is the third such incident this week. frank: no bail for the man charged with stealing weapons at an army reserve center in worcester. james walker-morales appeared in federal court in worcester yesterday. he was arrested in new york on november 18, days after being accused of stealing 16 guns from the facility. several of the weapons have still not been found. a dorchester woman is also charged in the case. the woman whose body was found in a burning car in worcester has been identified. firefighters found 35-year-old marie martin of webster after they doused the flames. thomas hogan is charged with witness intimidation and misleading investigators. he has been identified as a suspect in martin's death but so far has not been charged. antoinette: right now firefighters are looking for
5:36 am
happened before a deadly fire in lynn. the fire tore through the home on bruce place early yesterday morning. four people were killed. survivors say they could hear the victims trapped on the second floor but couldn't help. firefighters battled a wall of flames to save two people. >> they went back in. they were able to get the second victim out. it was absolutely amazing. i've been a firefighter in lynne for 32 years. it was one of the most spectacular rescues i've seen. antoinette: at least seventeen people inside the home managed to escape. frank: new details released in the philip chism murder trial. his attorney says chism told a psychiatrist that he is an anime character and that he hears voices telling him he is a ninja. the defense made the comments away from the jury yesterday after the judge barred the psychiatrist from repeating them on the stand. chism's lawyers claim he was insane at the time he murdered and raped his teacher, colleen ritzer. antoinette: one fisherman is
5:37 am
gloucester. david sutherland and two of his crew members were out 40 miles at sea in brutal conditions. the crew of a nearby fishing boat tried to help out. but a wave hit "the orin-c" and it began taking on water. that's when the coast guard was called to take the tow. as the boat continued to sink, "the orin c" crew abandoned ship. only two came out alive. >> anybody that loses their life in this community, whether we know them or not, we're going to take it hard because we know what that is. antoinette: the body of the 48-year-old victim has been recovered. frank: a new hampshire mother is facing charges accused of crashing her truck after an overdose. her children in the car. police say emmy-lee mcneil and her husband had taken drugs before getting in the car with their kids in northwood. they crashed on a dark road. mcneil suffered an overdose. her husband ran to a neighbor
5:38 am
former deputy fire chief. he found the woman slumped over the wheel and called 9-1-1. >> there wasn't anything i was ready for right at that moment. you know, i mean, you just felt like you had to take care of business. frank: firefighters gave mcneil narcan. she's expected to be okay and is due in court on wednesday. her husband may also be charged. the children are now staying with relatives. newscenter5 on the opioid crisis. police in plymouth have launched a new program to help addicts. officers will go door-to-door of people who have been treated for an overdose within 24 hours of their release from the hospital. they and a substance-abuse councilor will offer the person a chance to go to an inpatient plymouth police say 20 people have died in the town this year from overdose. antoinette: commitment 2016. republican candidates continue to campaign through new hampshire this weekend. lindsey graham holds an event in manchester today. and democrat bernie sanders will
5:39 am
plymouth. gun control, a likely topic of discussion for the candidates this weekend. >> i don't want to hear any more about the president talking about gun control. antoinette: the presidential hopefuls are rallying their supporters on the issue of gun control. >> we need bomb control. because these people are building bombs. >> it's not a gun-control issue. this is not about gun control. antoinette: making his case for second amendment gun rights, ted cruz is scheduled to visit a gun range this weekend saying you don't get rid of the bad guys by getting rid of guns. and while republican candidates are fighting gun-control measures, democrats are pushing for them. >> if you're too dangerous to fly in america, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in america. antoinette: yesterday the senate defeated a measure that would have prevented anyone on the f.b.i.'s terror watch no fly list from walking into a gun store and purchasing a geun. donald trump says his campaign
5:40 am
acts of mass violence. trump: sadly, every time every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up because they feel that i am going to take care of them. they feel they want strength. antoinette: in a new cnn poll taken before wednesday's shooting trump is at his strongest levels ever. 20 points ahead of his nearest rival ted cruz who saw the biggest gains quadrupling his poll numb er froms from 4% in october to 16% now. republican ben carson also dropped eight points, but the biggest loser may be jeb bush who is now off the leaderboard down to just 3% support. frank: the city of boston suffering a big loss in the casino battle in everett. but mayor marty walsh isn't backing down. walsh's lawsuit to stop steve wynn's $1.7 billion casino was denied on all 10 claims. he and city attorneys argue it will create a traffic nightmare for nearby communities.
5:41 am
dollars to sue, claiming the gaming commission acted improperly to award wynn the license. but mayor walsh says it's worth it. mayor: i've been asked questions about spending money on this and losing. the money we're spending is about the residents of the city. the residents of charlestown. >> i think protecting the city and the voters and the residents of boston, you can't put a price on that. solution to the traffic problem the casino will create is just as big of an issue for wynn as it is for the people of everett and charlestown. new trouble for the chicago police department. antoinette: a potentially key piece of evidence in a controversial shooting is missing. what it means for the investigation. and sales are down after an e-coli scare for chipolte. the impact after the outbreak. danielle: a cold start this morning, but we will see a major warm-up. the trend i'm tracking for the
5:42 am
jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. r it is the struggle that will determine t the fate of the free world. r the united states should not delay t in leading a global coalition r to take out isis with overwhelming force. ttheir aim is our total destruction. p we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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t feel connected, on every screen we are broadcasters; always here for you, wherever here may be. tell them local stations matter. frank: it's 5:44. welcome back. now for a look at your economic headlines. big gains for the markets on friday. here's a look at the numbers. the dow rose 370 points to
5:44 am
the nasdaq also up 104 points. and the s&p 500 gained 42 points. the november jobs report one of the major factors. more than 210,000 jobs were added last month. sales are down during a growing e-coli outbreak at chipotle. people in nine states have been sickened. most of the 52 people infected say they ate at a chipotle the week before getting sick. chipotle says sales have plummeted by 22% in the last few weeks. it's unclear what ingredient is to blame. chipotle says it is tightening food safety standards. internet giant e-bay joins a growing number of companies offering increased parental leave to employees. e-bay will offer new moms 24 weeks of full pay. 12 weeks for new dads, also at full pay. the benefits go into effect at the start of the new year and apply to all hourly and salaried employees who work at least 20 hours a week. several tech companies, like facebook and amazon, have revamped their policies to retain good workers. in the week ahead. the november retail sales report and the producer price index, a gauge of inflation. both are expected to be positive
5:45 am
raising interest rates. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: good morning to you. it's 5:45. i know we're a few days into december. is it just too hopeful to think that we might reach 60? danielle: no, it's not too hopeful at all. in fact, we have the right ingredients to maybe get there. not necessarily today but tomorrow looks like the better day of getting close to the 60-degree mark. antoinette: we'll take it whenever, danielle. danielle: we will. we'll talk about what's happening. even though this morning we're starting off chilly in spots like norwood and bedford starting in the 20's. later this afternoon with a westerly breeze, temperatures are going to warm up into the mid 50's in norwood, mid 50's in bedford. that's about a 25- to 30-degree temperature jump, and the other big story is this. we are dry all weekend long. in fact, we see a lot of sunshine. but there will be a good chance for some rain on tuesday.
5:46 am
cape, the islands. we could really use that rain because take a look. this area you see in tan here, it's actually under a moderate drought. we're down over 9.5 inches for the year in boston. down over 8.5 inches for the year in worcester. we could use it. it's coming in the way of this area of low pressure and cold front which is slowly going to work its way towards us. but as for this weekend, it is all about high pressure. high pressure is our friend. bringing us lots of sunshine throughout each and every day and also warming the temperatures back up. right now, we're starting in the 20's in orange. springfield, keene, concord. 40 though in boston. it's still in the low 40's on nantucket. and temperatures will warm up today into the low 50's across parts of the north shore, like 51 beverly, 51 saugus. also 52 degrees in bedford. as you take a look back towards worcester county, upper 40's to low 50's. and then down along the south
5:47 am
in fact, your three-day forecast today. upper 50's for sunday. and then lower 50's for monday. maybe a few afternoon clouds. clouds. upper 40, low 50s also on the cape as we go through the afternoon. so high pressure dominating our weather, keeping us mild not only today but also as we head to tomorrow. and that southwest wind is really going to bump things up and then we're watching that cold front as it gets closer to us us. but for tomorrow high temperatures warming up low to mid 50's. a few even upper 50's. and that is the trend throughout next several days, in the upper 50's, cooling back down into the 40's on tuesday. so it's mild but it should be around 45 degrees this time of year. enjoy this december warmth. because it won't last forever. as we head towards tuesday i want to talk about that chance for rain. it's coming from that area of low pressure that is going to strengthen right along the mid atlantic. the track is still uncertain at
5:48 am
different models doing different things. it will depend on how close it gets to us, how much rain people will see. if everyone will see it. right now i'm leaving in showers south. we're talking south coast, the cape and the islands. back to change if it gets closer to us. that means we could see higher amounts in terms of rain totals. remember any rain total we could see is welcome. then as we head towards, say, thursday, friday, we start to warm right back up into the upper 40's and low 50's. this week it's not looking bad at all. antoinette and frank. antoinette: it is not. thank you, danielle. time right now is 5:49. stories we're following right now on the eye. frank: accusations of tampering with evidence after new surveillance video if released from a deadly police shooting in chicago. officials released the video from a burger king yesterday, but it was missing the time period when laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke who is now charged with murder. police were seen inside the burger king immediately following last year's shooting.
5:49 am
investigation had ruled out tampering, and the burger king surveillance system often antoinette: victims of one of the biggest ponzi schemes in a $1.2 billion payout was announced yesterday following the recovery of more of madoff's assets. he's serving a 150-year sentence $20 billion. former clients have already received at least $9 billion. frank: a family who suffered serious injuries in a february crash involving caitlyn jenner is now suing the star. jenner struck a car from behind in malibu, pushing that driver into oncoming traffic. she was struck and killed. the family who hit her suffered serious injuries. jenner was cited for speeding but was never charged in the crash. antoinette: no sunshine in a series of heavy rains have pummeled parts of the state leaving them under water this morning. at least 3.5 inches fell early yesterday breaking the previous
5:50 am
that rain is expected to continue through the weekend. frank: a little sports action. the flames come out on top over the bruins in calgary. the clubs traded goals throughout the first and second period. 3-3 in the third when brad marchand gets slashed by former bruin dougie hamilton. marchand scores on a penalty shot. but the flames tie it up before the end, and we go to o.t. the flames find the back of the 5-4 the final. the b's are in vancouver to take on the canucks tonight. antoinette: the red sox have their ace in hand. pitcher david price getting a feel for his new team at fenway park. the sox put $217 million on the line to make it happen. and that mean's david price will need to prove he can pitch a lot better in the playoffs than his 2-7 playoff record indicates. >> i think i was just saving all my first-season wins for the red sox.
5:51 am
those. antoinette: price will wear number 24. he could not have come up with a better answer t that when he was asked about his record. frank: pretty much especially for $17 million, you better come up with jokes and post-season wins. antoinette: a luxury car dealer is taking on tesla. frank: the new performance concept car that's due out in just a few years. antoinette: we are taking a live look over worcester this morning. thank you so much for everyone out there waking up with us right now. 5:52 on your saturday morning. don't go anywhere.
5:52 am
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. well, we've had no snow so far this winter season although meteorological winter just started december 1. but what we normally have on average it's about 1.8 inches so far. last year we had 7.5 inches. in boston we had 2.6 inches of snow. no snow in the forecast right now. in fact, the only thing we have in the forecast is rain chances on tuesday. otherwise it is a dry and warm weekend. take a a look. in the 50's today. in fact today is a special day because i know it's the super bowl with a lot of high school football teams playing at gillette today. looking really good for you parents going out to cheer on your kids.
5:55 am
pulling back into the 30's for those evening games. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. a suspected treasure trove found in colombia. the country's president says the wreckage of a long-lost spanish gold ship was found off the coast. it sunk more than 300 years ago in a british attack while carrying a large cargo of gold and stones. no word on if the cargo remains on the ship. a new move from porsche. frank: the company plans to offer an all-electric performance car. porsche hopes to have a four-door model out by the end of the decade. they boast the car will be able to go more than 300 miles on a single charge. parent company volkswagen has approved development of the vehicle that was originally unveiled as a concept car. antoinette: good. my husband has been asking what i wanted for christmas. now i know. frank: okay, fine. right now northeastern university is putting out an alert for a missing student. antoinette: when he was last seen and why there is growing concern.
5:56 am
the message to the muslim community. "5 investigates" was there with the commissioner's visit and what he hopes to accomplish. frank: and a live look outside right now. a few more minutes before the sun comes up. danielle vollmar has the latest on a warm-up. antoinette, you were mentioning the possibility of 60 degrees in december. antoinette: we're hoping.
5:57 am
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